Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fawson Family Pictures

Okay, so my friend asked me to do her family pictures as a favor.  So this is the first time i've EVER done family pictures  we took quite a few.  I thought we should take more and she apologized for taking so's funny...anyways, so i don't have photoshop or anything so i edited them in picasa, so don't judge me too ya go!!!  (these are just the ones i edited)

I hope y'all enjoyed!  I just love this family, and i think their family pictures turned out pretty dang awesome if you ask me!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

the hunt....

this is one of my favorite pictures of my niece.  she's such a girly tom boy.  it's so funny, anyways so she was over here and we saw this grasshopper, well that girl stinkin got down and gritty to get that was gonna be hers.  the funny thing is this is the girl who FREAKS out when a fly even comes near her.  it's so funny, cuz if it's a moth or butterfly or anything other than a fly she will go after that sucker until it's hers.  she even has one of those butterfly catcher thingys that she puts them in, and she keeps them...even if they die....i know i know kinda weird, but i love her stinkin guts!!!!   i love that her hair is in total disarray from the hunt, but she's so accomplished with her catch!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One of my favorite things to take pictures of are kids.  It's just easier to get an honest photo.  They aren't always posing when they see a flash go off.  they just keep doing what they're doing!

My niece isn't too found of getting her picture taken but every now and then she tolerates it.  I love this picture because it just totally captures her love of this puppy...she loves animals and she didn't want to give that puppy up when it was time to leave.  The possessiveness and love in this picture just totally captures the moment, because she was really being like that. 

My friend Jessie let's me photograph her children all the time.  She loves having new pictures of them and is all for me taking as many as i want....the kids on the other hand kinda get tired of it.  I thought i'd share one of her daughter Isabelle.  She's such a darling.  I'll probably have to devote a whole entire post to her later on.  She's one of the non-posers which i love!  Her brother on the other hand poses a lot.

My friend, Lu, has a daughter who looks just like her, but she doesn't like pictures, so her mom  helped me to get this one.

It's awesome!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


awesome fence

this is one of my favorite pictures ever! i don't know why, i love the texture and shadows of this picture. ever since we moved into where we're living i've been fascinated with this fence. i just absolutely love it! so what did i have to do? Take a pitcure!!!

old timey barn
Of course, when i first got by dslr i went out in our year and just was taking pictures of stuff, because let's be honest i love taking pictures of  normal things in different ways.  so there is this barn back behind where we live...and i love it!  it just makes me happy.  it exudes old-timeyness and just makes me happy to look at.  it's one of those things that make me want to get my camera out so i can capture the moment...ya know?  i love everything that's out in front of it's just like something happened here and they had to stop and leave just makes me happy!

But could i stop there?  of course not! there were these daffodils all over the place so i decided i'd take a stab at photographing flowers....i literally got down on the ground...some people thinks this is just crazy, but all their own....right?

extra cool wind chime
Another favorite is of the wind chime that i got in florida.  it's such a cool wind chime, and i so didn't want just a "regular" ole picture of it, so i had to get a little creative.  There is just something fascinating about this picture for me.  i don't really know why, but the angle just looks cool to me!  So anyways, there are some pictures so far.  There wasn't a post on here yet, and it was making me sad, so here it is!